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What is inside the Solar Road Stud system?
date: 2022-09-29

The Solar Road Stud system can guarantee normal operation in rainy weather for more than 15 days! Its system is composed of LED light source (including drive), solar panel, battery (including battery incubator), solar street light controller, and auxiliary materials and wires. constitute.

Solar cell modules generally use monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar cell modules; LED lamp caps generally use high-power LED light sources; controllers are generally placed in the Road Stud, with light control, time control, overcharge and overdischarge protection and reverse connection protection, and more The advanced controller also has the function of adjusting the lighting time in four seasons, half-power function, intelligent charging and discharging function, etc.; the battery is generally placed underground or there is a special battery incubator, which can use valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, Iron-aluminum batteries or lithium batteries, etc. Solar Road Studs work fully automatic and require no trenching for wiring.

Solar stud has the characteristics of energy saving, safety, environmental protection and high-tech content.

Solar Road Studs guaranteed quality:

  1. It has always been sold with inherent characteristics such as safety without hidden dangers, energy saving and consumption, green environmental protection, easy installation, automatic control and maintenance-free, and municipal engineering construction directly brings obvious advantages that can be used.
  2. All accessories and parts of Solar Road Studs will never cut corners.

Solar stud is guaranteed after sale:

  1. We advocate: service without after-sales service is the best after-sales service; we are confident that Ruichen Traffic’s products will basically have no quality problems, even small quality problems. 13 years of production and sales experience tells us that improper installation, use and routine maintenance of customers are the main problems.
  2. In case of Road Stud failure, please call us immediately. We solemnly promise that the street lights produced and sold by our factory will implement a 5-year warranty, 3-year non-human free service, lifetime on-site maintenance, all equipment accessories, and permanent stock!
  3. All domestic and foreign Road Studs encounter failure or maintenance, we will arrange maintenance as soon as possible after telephone communication and confirmation.
Please feel free to submit your inquiry information to us. We will contact with you as soon as possible.