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Analysis of Solar Road Stud by Road Stud Manufacturers
date: 2022-09-29

As a Road Stud manufacturer, many times you have to have a certain understanding of the product, and you need a lot of product familiarity to better optimize and improve the product. This is something that many Road Stud manufacturers do not have. Certainly not.

First of all, what makes all Solar Road Stud manufacturers inseparable is the solar cell, and then there is a control box and light source. In fact, the composition of Solar Road Stud is not complicated. The light source is actually the energy of solar energy that people cannot live without every day. Then there are the brackets that every street lamp needs on the roadside. If there is no bracket, Solar Road Stud will not have it. The way to stand upright, so the bracket must be strong and safe. Next, let’s talk about the control box. In fact, the so-called control box is the box that controls all the buttons of the Road Stud. During the day, it is mainly used to store and light up, and at night, the energy stored during the day can be used to light up. There is nothing. The principle is too complicated.

As a product of Solar Road Stud, Road Stud manufacturers should devote their efforts to learning and developing each product, so that the product can become its own brand.

So what is the difference between Solar Road Stud and other street lights?

Many people want to know what is the difference between Solar Road Stud and other street lights. Generally speaking, road lights need to lay cables first, which requires the excavation of cable trenches, laying of hidden pipes, threading in pipes, and backfilling of lamps. Many basic works, plus The maintenance costs in the last and later periods are huge, and the later maintenance of Solar Road Stud is done once and for all. In total, the cost of Solar Road Stud is still cost-effective. Generally, street lights also need to be debugged for a long time. If there is a problem with one line, it is necessary to For large-scale rework, the amount of engineering required is very large, and it is also very messy. If the Solar Road Stud is installed, it is relatively simple. If the solar street light is less than 9 meters above 6 meters, make a cement base, and then fix the Solar Road Stud with stainless steel screws.

Although the Solar Road Stud has received mixed reviews since its use, the overall praise for it still occupies a large proportion. When people talk about the Solar Road Stud, they mostly mention the advantages or applications of the Solar Road Stud. It is different from other street lights.

In the process of production quality control, from the castings entering the factory and the procurement of accessories, each production and machining link is carefully and carefully inspected, until the assembly and debugging, and the quality inspection and confirmation that each Road Stud must have when leaving the factory.

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