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I think the controller of Road Studs should be chosen like this!
date: 2022-09-29

The choice of Road Studs controller should pay attention to:

1: You should choose a controller with lower power consumption. The controller works 24 hours a day. If its own power consumption is large, it will consume part of the power. It is best to choose a Road Studs controller with a power consumption of less than 3 mA.

2: To choose a controller with high charging efficiency, the Road Studs controller with three-stage charging control modes of strong charging, equalizing charging and floating charging adopts MCU intelligent control, and through internal calculation, it can always charge the battery with the maximum power. , especially in winter or periods of insufficient light, the charging mode using MCU intelligent control is about 20% more efficient than non-MCU intelligent controllers.

3: It has high-precision control. High-precision is not only a comprehensive reflection of product design, but also a reflection of excellent material selection and production process. Road Studs controllers that are not controlled with high precision often lead to high repair rates, poor reliability and low market prices due to unreasonable product design and poor selection of materials.

4: Only a controller with two separate controls is selected, which is convenient for power regulation of Road Studs. When there are few pedestrians at night, one or two lights can be automatically turned off to save electricity, and the power of LED lights can be adjusted. In addition to selecting the above power-saving functions, when setting the under-voltage protection value of the controller, try to adjust the under-voltage protection value to ≥10.8V to prevent over-discharge of the battery.

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