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ABS Motorway Stud Lights For Sale 103

Body Material: ABS
Size: 103*80*18mm   (4.06″*3.15″*0.71″)
Filling: Epoxy+Quartz sand
Lens Material: PMMA

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Motorway Stud Lights Features:


•Reflective Motorway Stud Lights water, oil, chemical, and heat resistance.

•Reflective Motorway Stud Lights can work more than 3 years normally.

•Very high reflectivity.

•Reflective Motorway Stud Lights easy installation with glues.

•Photometric values:exceeds 600(mcd/lux).


ABS Motorway Stud Lights Colors
ABS Motorway Stud Lights Colors


Motorway Stud Lights Parameters:


    Body material:      ABS
    Filling:     Epoxy+Quartz Sand
    Lens Material:     PMMA
    Reflector type:     Double side/Single side
    Quality:     ASTM D4280 & EN1463-1 standard
    Size:     103*80*18mm   (4.06″*3.15″*0.71″)
    Packing:     45.5*25*22cm,100pcs/ctn   (17.91″*9.84″*8.66″,100pcs/ctn  )
    Weight:     93g/pc; 10kg/ctn   (0.21bs/pc; 22.05bs/ctn )


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ABS Motorway Stud Lights For Sale


Installation Method Of  Motorway Stud Lights:

1. Determine the installation location and distance, clean the road surface, and ensure that the Motorway Stud Lights are installed on a flat road surface.
2. Clean the bottom of the Motorway Stud Lights and apply the epoxy glue evenly to the back of the studs.
3. Press the side with the glue on the road, fix the position, wait for the glue to dry.
4. Check within 2 hours of installation to ensure that all Motorway Stud Lights are not installed incorrectly and are not bent or deformed due to compression.
5. Remove the installation isolation facility within 6-8 hours after the installation of the Motorway Stud Lights.

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